Bulletproof Motorcycle Vest

The bulletproof motorcycle vest (not actually bulletproof) is the most popular vest among sportsbike motorcycle clubs, auto clubs and social clubs. Go to any sport bike or auto club event, and you will find that 95% of the riders there are wearing a bullet proof style vest. If your club is looking for a custom vest color, we can help. Send us an email with full details.

Custom Color Vests

* These vests are NOT bulletproof. There is NO armor. They are for fashion only.

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BP-Split verse BP-MCV

These vests are both the same cut (design). They are both mens zip-up single back panel bulletproof vests made of cowhide leather, and both are good quality BP vests. If you want the best quality BP, then you will want the BP-MCVESTS Label because it has a much softer leather than the BP-ECO. The BP-ECO is a part of our ECO-Vests Line of products. These Eco vests are made with a more affordable leather to keep the cost of the vest low.

BP Vest Adjustability

The bulletproof style motorcycle vest is an easy choice in part by its very adjustable sizing range. These vests have velcro shoulder and waist straps that are extremely adjustable. A size XL bulletproof can be adjusted to fit a range of sizes from Medium to XL. Because of this, many times the manufacturer will only make three or four sizes: The standard size which can be adjusted to fit medium to XL, and then a Big and Tall size which would fit the larger sizes. This adjustability is also a very convenient option because the rider can adjust the vest to wear with or without a full jacket underneath.

Quality of BP Leather Vests

These motorcycle vests are generally made of leather, but there are also less popular BP vests made of a mesh material. The quality of the leather vests range drastically. This is more about the consumers demand for a cheaper costing vest than it is the manufacturers fault for supplying low grade leathers and materials. Example: The higher grade thick 1.3mm naked leather bullet proof vests cost much more to manufacture and therefore the costs are passed onto the retail price tag (and sell for over $100). These higher costing vests do not sell as well as the less expensive lesser grade cowhide, split skin, or even buffalo hide bulletproofs. But MCVESTS goes the middle route and provides an exceptional cowhide leather vest at a very affordable price (Item: BPDS-05). All of our bulletproof style vests are quality cowhide leather and regarding the black bulletproof specifically, we offer two choices depending on your needs (Both are great quality leather vests, just one is a step up in quality, but more expensive also). MCVESTS.com specializes in this style vest and we take pride in supplying many mc, auto, & social clubs with our bulletproof style vests. We have our own label (MCVESTS) as well as sell BP's from other manufactures including ECR (East Coast Retail). ECR vests are discontinued and are no longer being manufactured, but we have a few styles remaining. If you have a club and plan to order multiple vests, than contact us via email first because we offer good discounts for quantity orders. Also, if you found a vest cheaper somewhere else, than contact us so that we can try and beat that price. Email us for discount price quotes or inquiries.

Custom Colored Vests

The bulletproof vests come in a range of colors. The standard being black, but other popular colors are red, white, blue, grey, and even hot pink for the ladies. If your club would like a custom colored vest, you can contact us for a quote. For custom colored vests, the minimum order amount is 25 vests. The manufacturing plant is overseas and therefore custom colored vests can take four weeks to two months to be completed. This is in part because aside from the time it takes the vests to be manufactured, they also need time to be cured, dyed, and then shipped back to the United States usually by cargo ship.

Important Safety Clause

IMPORTANT SAFETY CLAUSE: The bulletproof style mc are NOT actually bullet proof. These are not military vests and there is no armor for protection. This motorcycle vest is a riding vest and for fashion only. They are styled after the military bulletproofs. This style vest is used as a car club vest or social club vest etcetera, for style only, not protection.

Swat Style Vests

The swat style vests have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Some people use the terms "bulletproof" and "swat" interchangeably. However, Bulletproofs have two straps on each side of the waist with two more straps on the shoulder (one on each shoulder). Whereas the swat motorcycle vest has three straps on each side of the waist and no straps on the shoulder. The swat vest did away with the traditional shoulder straps, and made the arm holes oversized to fit with or without a jacket.

We carry several types of swat vests including the newest swat that was made just for the ladies! We had so many women buying the smaller sizes of the mens swat that we knew we needed to find a way to offer the ladies their own cuts! The response has been excellent! You can find each of our swat style vests above.

Contact us if you have any questions or for discount quantity pricing of our bulletproofs.