Concealed Snaps Vests

Our Concealed Snaps vests were made popular by the TV show and have since been known as the sons of anarchy vest. These SOA vests are one of our top sellers. We have multiple variations of this popular style biker vest, therefore we devoted this page to explaining the differences so that you can choose the best vest for you. Take a look at the comparison chart below (scroll down the page a bit)... Ride safe! 

The pictures look different due to photography lighting differences, but the only differences are what you see in the comparison details. See Comparison Chart Below

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Michael Strahan (former NY Giants player) Wearing Our SOA Vests on the set of "Live! With Kelly & Michael" for their 2013 Halloween Show

Strahan Wearing MCVESTS

Michael Strahan did a Sons of Anarchy skit for their 2013 Halloween show. Guess whose vests they used for the Halloween skit? OURS! So I just had to post a picture.


See the chart below to help you decide which vest is right for you.

Comaprison Chart

We have added a few more variations since making the chart above. The GUN181A is the same as the GUN181 except the GUN181A is a plain milled cowhide vest instead of a naked cowhide. The GUN188 is the same as the GUN189 except the GUN188 is made from Full-Naked Cowhide instead of Semi-Naked Cowhide.



NOTE: As of 2014 we manufacture these vests under our own label (MCVESTS) with various improvements, so the model numbers in the above video are no longer valid. However, I kept the video to give customers an ideal as to what the vests look like until I create a new video. You can check the product listings above to find the vest that's right for you. If you are looking for a specific vest than contact us so we can help you select the right vest.

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Vest

Shane from wearing our Sons of Anarchy style motorcycle Vest

We carry so many variations of the SOA vest that it gets confusing... Even to us. We hope you find the chart above useful in determining which vest is right for you. All of the SOA motorcycle vests that we carry are great quality vests, even our low end split skin vest is still a nice low end vest when compared to other sites' low end versions. Our denim vests are 100% real denim and not the cheaper textile mesh denim material. We have a few vests to choose from, but all you need to do is figure out what features you want!  (1) collar or no collar, (2) snaps and zipper front, or just snaps, (3) Side laces or plain sides, (4) leather or denim, and so on.

Which of These Vests Would Be the Best Choice?

All of our SOA vests that we carry are great quality, but if you want the very best, then you might want to take a look at the GUN-189 naked cowhide vest. This is our top selling vest and it has the 5 concealed snaps, but it also has an additional zipper closure beneath the snaps that will help out on those colder days. It's not really considered a zipper front vest because the zipper is also hidden, and you can ignore it if you don't choose to use it. As far as the leather goes, If you do not know the difference between various skins such as naked cowhide, split skin cowhide, etc, than you can click here to learn more about VARIOUS LEATHERS.

All of these vests are basically the same exact cut, but with varying features (side laces, no collar, etc). Recently A less expensive version of these SOA style vests were made. Some were made with a milled cowhide and we started making this style in a split skin cowhide as well. We added the split skin version of the vest in order to compete with other sites sellign lower end vests. Our vest (GUN209SS) is made using split skin cowhide leather in order to make this popular style vest much more affordable. We had lots of customers requesting a lower costing gun vest, and so we added this to our arsenal. If you are looking for SOA gun vests that are somewhere in between the split skin and the naked leather vests, you may be interested in the CS635 vest. This vest is the basic vest. It does not have the gun pockets, or the two outside front pockets (slash pockets), it doesn't have a 'single back panel' either, but it does have a milled cowhide skin leather and it is the cheapest priced Sons of Anarchy motorcycle vest aside from the split skins.

In Stock

The SOA vest is a very popular selling vest and thus various sizes are frequently sold out by us as well as by the manufacturers. We carry our own line of these vests (mcvests label) and we are a direct distributor for First Manufacturing and DS Manufacturing, and therefore we get our stock as priority. If you attempt to order, but find that you are unable to because your size is sold out, just send us an email (via the contact tab on the navigation menu) and let us know. We will get your size for you as soon as it is manufactured!

Sizing the Vest

These vests are NOT standard USA sizing, so you will need to take a look at our sizing chart (found on the product page). There it will explain how to accurately measure yourself and compare your measurements to the chart to make sure you select the right size vest. As a suggestion; If you are close to the next size up, then it's recommended that you order the next size up. Also keep in mind that if you plan to wear your vest over a thick hoody shirt or leather jacket, then you should take your measurements while wearing those clothes in order to get an accurate 'max' chest size. Lastly, if you plan to get the sons of anarchy gun pocket vest so that you can carry a concealed weapon, you do not want a tight fitting vest because a tight vest may show the bulge of your weapon more easily. Take all of the above into consideration when determining the right size for you.

Some Common Questions and Answers

What size vest should I order?
It depends on wether you like 'close fitting' vests or 'loose fitting' vests. If you like a close fitting vest than view our sizing chart and match your chest size to the chest size in the chart. However if you like a loose fitting vest, than we recommend going a size up. If you plan to carry a concealed weapon, than you will not want a close fitting vest because the gun will likely print. When measuring for your chest size, make sure you put all of your riding gear (riding jacket, hoody, etc) on first.
Do these vests run small?
The Sons of Anarchy vests are sized differently than many other styles of vests (various manufacturers use different sizing methods) with regards to "L, XL, 2X, etcetera. However, the vests measurements (chest/stomach) are very accurate and therefore we recommend that you ignore the standard sizing (XL, 3X, 5X, etc) and focus only on the measurements (46", 48", etc). These are exact inches. This way you cannot go wrong. Simply measure your chest "accurately", and then look it up on the sizing chart to determine the best size for you. Our sizing chart is very accurate. If the vest states it is 50", then the vest is exactly 50". Therefore if you have a 50" chest, the 50" vest will be too tight. We recommend wearing a vest anywhere from 2 inches to 4 inches larger than your chest.
What is the difference between Naked Cowhide and Milled Cowhide?
Both are very nice cowhide leathers. The naked cowhide is the creme of the crop as it is a nice softer leather. It has been dyed but no other treatments have been done. If you are looking for the best quality leather, most customers prefer naked cowhide. Although the milled cowhide is still a nice leather as well. You can find out all about Naked, Semi Naked, Milled, etc HERE
Do you make custom colored vests?
Yes, we can make custom colors for many of the vests found on our site. Send us a very detailed email explaining exactly what you want, and we will reply with a quote. Keep in mind that custom colored vests may take anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. *See our custom colors page (found in the nav menu above under "more")