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Looking for a motorcycle vest? Browse our selection below to find a variety of quality vests at great discount prices. From milled to naked cowhide, each of our listings clearly states what kind of leather the vest is made from. You can use our MCV grading system to help decide what kind of leather you would prefer.

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If you cannot find the motorcycle vest that you are looking for, Shoot me an email because we have tons more in our store that have just not made it to the site yet. We are adding more products weekly so check back often to find new products! Thanks for visiting and ride safe!

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Quality Vests

We sell many quality biker vests on our site including top-end denim vests as well as premium naked cowhide leather vests. Any vest that is made with naked skin will say so in it's description. Naked skin is a very desirable leather that has not been sanded or processed (other than dyed and cured), and therefore has a soft feel when new even without breaking in the leather. Naked skin is a very desirable vest by consumers because of the great look and feel.

Motorcycle Club Vests

Any vest can be considered a motorcycle club vest, it all just depends on what your style is. We have the classic mc vest look with laced sides. A vest with laced sides is convenient because you can always adjust the sizing of the vest as the years go by. We also have several vests with gun pockets. Some have dual concealed pockets with an inbuilt holster in each. Others have one gun pocket. There's also the popular 'Ten Pocket' vest. This is a vest made for people with alot of "STUFF"! As the name suggests, this vest has ten pockets! Another vest that is very adjustable is the swat vests and bulletproof style vests (NOTE: neither of these are actually bulletproof, and neither contain armor for protection). Both of these vests are generally geared towards sport bike riders, however the bullet proof style motorcycle vest has been gaining in popularity among other non-MC clubs. For example, the bulletproof is the primary vest used as a car club vest. Same thing goes for social clubs.

Our Most Popular Selling Vests

Our most popular club vest recently is the concealed snaps vests. These are also known as the sons of anarchy style vests or SOA vest. These are our number one selling vests at the moment. They have been so popular lately that we carry multiple variations of this style vest. We have them with or without the scoop collar; with or without side laces; as well as various types of material: Naked cowhide, Split cowhide, and most recently denim!

Vests For the Ladies

LADIES; We did not leave you out. We offer some very sleek and sexy motorcycle vests just for you. If you want to show off your form, than take a look at the appropriately titled, "Womens Sexy Form Fitted Vest". This vest has cinched sides to keep tight to your skin and show your form. It is a fitted, sexy short style vest that is perfect for the ladies. We also have the classic crusier style vest, and a laced vest as well. Also, for you ladies that ride sports bikes, we have the womens version of the very popular swat style vest. It has a single back panel for any patch sets, etcetera. All of these vests are great quality vests that we are sure you will love.

Thank you for visiting our site! and Ride Safe!