Sizing Tips

We want to help you select your correct size when you order. Please read the following carefully as we have listed important tips to help you make the right choice.

How To Measure Your Chest Accurately

Measuring Your Chest You will need a cloth measuring tape (do NOT use a carpenters measuring tape [the metal ones]). If you only have a carpenters tape, just use a string and measure the string when finished.

Put on a shirt. Relax your arms to the side and have someone use a string to wrap around the fullest part of your chest. See the image to the right for reference.

When wrapping the string around the chest, do not pull tight; but do not leave loose either; just pull the slack to make sure you get an accurate measurement. Mark the string with a marker (So you know exactly the length to measure with the measuring tape).

Use a tape measure to measure the string. This is "your chest" measurement. Use this measurement when viewing the sizing charts. The sizing charts will say "YOUR CHEST".
Larger riders need to do the same thing for the fullest part of their stomach. and use whichever is bigger as your chest measurement.

Add 2 inches to your measurement if you prefer a baggy / loose fit.
Add 2 inches to your measurement if you plan to carry a concealed weapon in one of our gun vests.
If you need more help, please feel free to contact us via the contact tab on the navigation bar. 


Measure Your Old Vest to Help Figure Out The New Vest Sizing


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